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LCS Company Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many years has LCS been in business?
A: LCS was founded in 1959; we celebrated our 50th year in business in 2009.

Q: What type of tooling is utilized at LCS?
A: Simple fixtures are built for laser & prototype/development projects. Compound and progressive tooling technologies are utilized for medium and larger volume production requirements.

Q: Where are the Fixtures & compound & progressive tools built?
A: LCS has full in house tool building and maintenance capabilities with state of the art EDM & CNC equipment.

Q: How are first articles handled?
A: Check LCS SOP!

Q: How is your quality system organized?
A: Please check our QC manual

Q: What type of materials does LCS work with?
A: Cobalt Steel, Aluminum, Cold/Hot Rolled Steel, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper, Fiber Papers, Foil, Gold, Hastelloy , Himu, Inconel®, Nickel to name a few.