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LCS Company offers quality precision parts designed and developed through our cutting-edge tooling and manufacturing equipment. Our custom metal stamping services can deliver results tailored to our customer's needs, which will surely improve their bottom line.

What We Offer

We’re a single-source supplier of precision parts and components produced according to industry standards. We strive to continue meeting your needs even in the future with the primary services we offer.

Custom Electric Motor Laminations

Particular industries must adhere to demanding specifications or certifications of raw materials and manufacturing processes. Our custom motor lamination services are ideal for these instances to ensure they comply with the high standards imposed to maintain quality and safety.

We can produce extensive electrical laminations or lamination segments with our facility’s automation capabilities. Sizes may range from 1/2 inch up to 24-inch diameters, with our punch presses ranging from 3 to 330 tons.

Applications of custom motor laminations:

  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • X-Ray machines
  • Generators

Custom Electric Motor Lamination

Custom Metal Stamping

Custom metal stamping allows us to work according to our customer’s specifications and project needs for outcomes that exceed expectations. We can convert metal sheets into different shapes and forms with your requirements using various techniques to achieve complex geometries, leading to precise and accurate parts.

Examples of products we can work on:

  • HVAC components
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Housing and enclosures
  • Hardware and fasteners

Metal Stamping

Bracketry and Clamps

Custom Bracketry & Clamps

A metal clamp and bracketry can be achieved through metal stamping. These components are employed to support or hold objects in place. We utilize automatic state-of-the-art tooling capabilities to produce custom bracketry and clamps that fit your varying applications.

Common applications of bracketry & clamps:

  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Construction
  • Furniture making

Micro & Miniature Stampings

We have experience in micro-stamping parts and components with the tiniest details using our cutting-edge stamping presses and dies. Various industries, such as military and defense, rely on micro-stamped parts for better tracing and quality control. We’re ready to provide results that last.

Military applications of microstamping:

  • Missiles
  • Aircrafts
  • Ground vehicles

Micro & Miniature Stampings


Custom Shims & Washers

We can produce prototypes or high-volume shims and washers according to their intended application. We’re ready to design and develop parts that will meet your project’s applications if you require custom shims for a project. We can also manufacture custom washers that will complement the shims for better protection of your machines.

Our capabilities for shims and washers include the following:

  • Flat washers
  • Flush washers
  • Flanged washers
  • Tab type shims
  • Laminated shims
  • Compression shims
  • Sheet shims

Key Industries Served

  • Aerospace/Space Aerospace/Space Aerospace/Space


    From all aspects of Aerospace and Space beginning with ground support, LCS provides parts for electric/hydraulic systems, landing systems, starter generators, flight controls and much more.

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  • Transportation Transportation Transportation


    LCS provides motor laminations and precision component parts to multiple methods of transportation such as trucking, e-mobility, EV and Marine.

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  • Military & Defense Military & Defense Military & Defense
    Military & Defense

    Military & Defense

    LCS proudly supports our nation providing high quality precision parts to military and defense contractors and has been doing so for over 60 years.

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  • Industrial & Motion Control Industrial & Motion Control Industrial & Motion Control
    Industrial & Motion Control

    Industrial & Motion Control

    LCS provides parts for many Industrial and Motion Control applications. Some being pumps, fluid control systems, conveyors, robotics, and actuators.

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  • Energy & Power Generation Energy & Power Generation Energy & Power Generation
    Energy & Power Generation

    Energy & Power Generation

    Within Energy and Power Generation, LCS has provided parts for transformers, motors, generators, nuclear applications, alternate fuel, and green energy systems.

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Choose Us to Fulfill Your Custom Requirements

We’re a reputable precision tooling company with an extensive background in the industries above. Our metal stamping and quality tooling capabilities will help us complete your orders with high precision and accuracy.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Request a quote for large orders, and we can discuss more about your project and the right price that won’t break the bank.

About Us

LCS Company has earned a reputation from our customers as a single source supplier of high quality, low cost precision parts with on-time deliveries.

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