Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping

LCS Designs and builds the best precision tooling to meet your component’s requirements.  Our full in-house tooling capabilities are at the heart of our company’s ability to produce quality production parts quickly and efficiently. With years of experience in providing custom solutions for customer projects, we are proud to say that our in-house tooling has achieved efficient speeds in production while maintaining excellent quality standards.

For companies needing flexible engineering and manufacturing services, look no further than LCS Company. Rest assured that your project will be handled by those who understand it best: experienced professionals who bring enthusiasm and expertise every step of the way.

Common Types of In-House Tooling Work We Offer

At LCS Company, we offer a wide range of in-house tooling services. 

  • We specialize in providing custom compound and progressive tooled solutions. Our experienced team is familiar with the latest technologies and methods to produce high-quality components for production-ready tooling.

The Benefits of Utilizing In-House Tooling Capabilities 

In-house tooling capabilities offer several advantages to help your industry maximize its potential.  Here are a few reasons why companies should consider a manufacturer with full in-house tooling capabilities.

  1. Compound and Progressive Tooling Technology: LCS’s in-house tooling capabilities allow us to have full control over the entire process from start to finish.
  2. Expertise: LCS has years of experience in the industry and knows how to create the best tools for your specific needs. This expertise allows LCS to select the most cost-effective and efficient solutions that meet your requirements.
  3. Quality assurance: In-house tooling companies use quality control systems to ensure their products are up to par with industry standards and offer a degree of reliability you cannot get from off-the-shelf solutions.
  4. Customization: LCS specializes in creating custom products and can tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs of your application. 
  5. Turnaround time: Utilizing LCS will save you time by providing a faster turnaround on your projects. This allows you to get the results you need on time, which helps keep production costs down and customer satisfaction high.

Investing in LCS Company for your tooling and stamping needs can provide a number of advantages that will help you maximize productivity and efficiency. With the right partner like LCS, you can ensure you have the tools to complete the job correctly and on time. 

Trusted Full In-House Tooling Capabilities

We take great pride in our complete in-house tooling capabilities at LCS Company. Our unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence have been the hallmark of our success for the past sixty years. 

We understand that you want to trust in a reliable provider committed to your success and your cost savings, and we strive to provide that quality of service with every solution we offer. That’s why at LCS, ensuring you have the tools and services you need to meet your production requirements is always our top priority. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy provider with a proven track record, contact us today and let us demonstrate how we can make your product progress fast and within the timeline.