LCS Company has been the leading provider of precision metal stamping services. With over 60 years of industry experience, we specialize in electrical steel laminations, microstamping, and demanding stamped component parts. Our expertise extends to various applications, including custom bracketry, metal clamps, miniature and micro stampings, custom shims, and washers. Our dedication to quality and precision has allowed us to partner with numerous industries, including the highly demanding medical sector.

How LCS Company Serves the Medical Industry

At LCS Company, we leverage our advanced capabilities to support the medical industry in producing high-precision, reliable components. Our services are integral to the manufacture of critical medical devices, ensuring they meet strict industry standards and perform flawlessly under demanding conditions.

Over the years, LCS has produced components for numerous industries. Within the medical industry. We have the following specialized services:

Electrical Motor Lamination

Our proficiency in electrical motor laminations is a cornerstone of our service offerings. Stators, the stationary components of electromagnetic devices like electric motors and generators, are crucial for the operation of various medical equipment such as MRI machines and respirators.

By producing high-quality lamination, we significantly enhance the efficiency of electric motors used in medical devices. Our manufacturing processes meet and exceed regulatory standards, including ISO certifications that ensure our laminations deliver optimal performance, reliability, and compliance with stringent industry requirements.

Metal Stamping Service

Metal stamping is a vital process that produces precise parts from sheet metal. It involves stages like blanking and forming utilizing specialized dies in creating the final product.

Our custom metal stamping services are highly valued across many sectors, including the medical industry due to their cost-effectiveness and high repeatability. These attributes make us a trusted partner in delivering precision components that meet the rigorous demands of modern medical technology.

Miniature and Micro Stamping

Our miniature and micro stamping services cater to the growing demand for smaller, lighter components without compromising strength or quality. Micro stamping involves creating parts with features so small they are used in the smallest devices.

This level of precision is critical in medical devices, where micro-stamped parts are essential for manufacturing small components such as pins for oxygen machines and hearing aids. LCS Company’s services also specialize in.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the bedrock of our operations at LCS Company. We prioritize meticulous attention to detail from the initial quoting process, through our in-house tooling capabilities to the final shipment. Our adherence to quality management systems ensures a rigorous review of each order and project requirement, such as the following quality systems:

  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • AS 9100; and,
  • AS 9003.

We can also provide documentation and certifications upon request for the following to verify our quality systems:

  • C OF C
  • C OF O
  • ROHS

This commitment guarantees that every product meets and exceeds customer expectations, enabling us to deliver reliable, high-performance components essential for the medical industry.

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