LCS Company is a leading manufacturer of electric motor laminations used in various industries for numerous applications. Our in-house capabilities allow us to achieve your desired product, especially for customers with specific preferences and requests regarding their electric motor stator. With years of knowledge in the industry, we know what your sector requires for its intended purpose.

We specialize in designing and developing stator core laminations with cutting-edge technology and equipment. If you have a project where these are required, we can work with you to find the perfect solution. Our expert technicians can deliver quality results that are second to none.

What is a stator?

Stators are stationary parts of electromagnetic devices or circuits, such as electric motors, generators, and alternators. It’s composed of windings, an outer frame, and a core. These are often referred to as alternators or generators, even though they are only part of these larger devices.

The outer frame provides support for the stator cores. These thin steel laminations are inserted with the stator winding, primarily made of an insulated copper wire. Once the electromagnet is applied, the stator core and winding become an electromagnet.

Electric motors rely on stator cores and other components like a rotor and winding to generate motion. And a laminated stator core can provide tons of benefits that can make any electric motor more efficient.

Other benefits of stator core laminations:

  • Minimizes eddy currents: Stator cores produce a voltage called an eddy or circulating current in an electromagnetic field. It can cause power loss and inefficiency. So to prevent this from happening, stator core laminations are used to cushion the core and reduce the eddy current.
  • Cools the stator core: An iron stator core can overheat until melting becomes possible. So using a laminated stator core is a better option since it lessens the eddy currents and lowers the heat produced. Thus, allowing the stator core to cool down occasionally without the danger of melting while functioning correctly.
  • Reduced hysteresis loss: Apart from eddy currents, stator cores are magnetized in the electromagnetic field. It’s also called hysteresis. When the core produces too much heat, hysteresis is lost. So it leads to tremendous energy and power loss. With stator core laminations, its narrow hysteresis loop magnetizes and demagnetizes the core with lesser energy being lost.

How do stators work?

Stator cores are where energy flows to and from a rotating motor. The rotor spins, while the stator is always stationary or not moving. Through this, it acts as the following:

  • Field winding: It’s either a field coil or a field magnet. It’s where the stator’s rotating magnetic field drives the rotor’s armatures to make a motion.
  • Armature: It’s where the moving field will coil on the rotor and influence the stator to form an output.

In standard machinery, stators are integrated with the motor’s frame, while the rotor is placed inside a housing and spins freely. When these two components interact, it will produce force for the following:

  • Electric motor: An AC or DC motor generates a strong magnetic field that drives the rotating rotor, producing the working motion.
  • Alternator or generator: These are devices where the stator core converts the rotating magnetic field of the rotor to an electric current.

The stator core may have different structures in other applications since it’s not limited to electromotive applications. So, it’s essential to comprehend how these components work. It can help improve the performance of the systems that it’s being used for.

Why do stators need to be repaired or replaced?

Stator cores are highly efficient and reliable components. But like any other machine part, it can fail for the following reasons. So it’s always essential for these components or parts to be checked. Do this once in a while to ensure that there are no issues. Otherwise, it must be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further problems.

Some reasons why stators need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Usage and wear: A stator is subject to eventual wear and tear like any electrical component. Some reasons for wear and tear may be exposed to vibration, changing temperatures, and the environment. These can have an impact on the stator’s lifespan.
  • Voltage overload: Stator failure can also be due to voltage overload. It happens primarily when too many electrical accessories are running simultaneously. For instance, the vehicle is using the headlights, GPS, and stereo at the same time. It forces the stator to work harder to keep up with the power demand until it burns out.

Listed are the two common causes of stator failure. But depending on the extent of its damage, it can still work after a simple repair. Other times, stators must be replaced, mainly if the electric motor is used daily. Repair or replacement is essential to ensure that the device works efficiently at all times.

What are some applications for stators?

Stator motors are essential parts of electrical machines, and you can find them in numerous industries for various applications. However, apart from electric motors, you can find these components in generators, mud motors, biological rotors, sirens, and more.

Remember that stator cores are found in different sectors, not just in typical applications that mainly use electric motors. So if you want to ensure that you use the proper stator core, it’s better to know the application beforehand so that the correct product is produced for its intended purpose.

Some typical applications of stator core laminations are as follows:

  • Unique motor shapes
  • Wind turbines
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Hydraulics (portable)
  • HVAC
  • Exhaust fans
  • Electric bikes and scooters
  • Gears in auto motors
  • Winches
  • Transformers
  • Stepper motors
  • Actuators
  • Starters

Listed are only some of a stator core’s common applications. So if you’re looking to use it on your projects, finding a reliable manufacturer to create the product with quality in mind is ideal.

Why choose LCS Company for your stator needs?

LCS Company offers customized electrical motor laminations, specializing in stator core laminations. We have the equipment and tools to ensure that we develop your stator cores to your demands and requirements. Furthermore, we have an extensive manufacturing process where we provide that every product we develop undergoes stringent quality control.

Other reasons why you should work with us:

  • Made out of various materials: Choose from cobalt alloys, nickel alloys, transformer steel, thin-gauge electrical steel, electrical steel, silicon steel, etc.
  • Industries we work with: Aerospace, oil/pipeline, nuclear, medical, food processing, electromotion, power distribution, industrial, and agriculture are some of the sectors we serve.
  • Different manufacturing methods: We manufacture our stator core laminations using diverse processes, such as die cut, stamping, laser cutting, machining, wire cutting, compound tooling, progressive tooling, and more.

Work with us & we’ll deliver quality laminated stator cores

If you’re searching for a manufacturer that can deliver reliable electric motor stator and stator core laminations, you can trust LSC Company to help you achieve your desired results. Our expertise and years of combined experience enable us to handle and deliver your orders promptly.

So if you have any questions, contact us today. You may also request a quote, and we can discuss the right solution for your problems.